At Video OpenHouse, we are committed to providing high-quality, affordable marketing tools for the real estate industry. Our flagship product, the Video Openhouse, has been created to showcase your property, attracting more buyers, raising sale prices and enticing new clients. Our other products are geared toward saving you time. Let us handle all your needs, we will produce your video, take your pictures and prepare your brochures.


We have invested in computer, camera and video equipment that all exceed the needs of our current business model. Our website is housed on high speed servers that have fast connections to the major Internet Service Providers in Vancouver and Victoria, ensuring the maximum download speeds for your Video Openhouse tours. Our investment in the future allows us to grow with your business, creating new products and solutions that use the latest technologies.


Our research concluded that the Macromedia Flash™ video encoder was the best technology to use to deliver video content over the Internet.  Macromedia Flash™ is installed on over 98% of all personal computers. The Flash™ player has been created for the widest range of platforms and operating systems. Quite simply, it has the ability to function on ALL PC, Apple™ and Linux™ based computers and works in all the most popular browsers as well, including Internet Explorer™, Netscape Navigator™, Firefox™, Mozilla™ and Opera™. As an interesting side note, CNN.com recently chose Flash to stream videos of their recent newscasts for their website.


The Video Openhouse team relocated to Vancouver to pursue dreams of self-employment and the active lifestyle of the west coast. We have both worked in technology-based fields, including for a production company that created streaming video for the real estate industry in another metropolitan center.

We recently expanded our service area to include Vancouver Island. Our Victoria-based affiliate has produced hundreds of Real Estate Video Tours since 2003 under the Viewahome banner. We have combined our expertise to provide realtors with compelling web-based content and effective marketing tools.


We take pride in our commitment to customer service as we realize that products alone do not make success. Our passion for creating Video Openhouse tours and our commitment to fostering long-term client relationships will allow us - and you, to succeed.