Seller-driven new business


I’ve often heard from Realtors that “__% of my business is repeat and referral clients”. I’ve always felt that a referral from a happy client is one of the best compliements you can receive – so if a Realtor’s business is based almost entirely on those contacts, then he/she must be doing something right.

Similarly, I’ve realised that about 2/3 our new clients arrive because of referrals from other Realtors who have been happy with our service and products… and the other 1/3 is actually driven by Realtors whose sellers have specifically requested that they use our services!

I can’t think of any more of a ringing endorsement than to have Joe Public see our Photos and Video, and think, “this is the tool I want to use to sell my property”!

This morning, we received the following email from new client, Paula Baverstock, of Prudential United Realty. Her client, selling his condo, contacted us for more information about a week before he listed the property. He insisted that Paula use our services to market his condo. Her email was brief, but high-impact: “The photos and video are great – we have got a heck of a lot of good feedback.”

More success stories to come… Want to see your name in print? Send us your feedback on a tour that we’ve done for you or an experience you’ve had!