Please, let us take your photos

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It happens more often than I’d like – I come across a photo of a property, taken by a Realtor, that just… well… could be soooo much better.

If I had more time, maybe I’d start a collection of photos that shouldn’t have been used.

Here are my two examples of the day. The heading of the first photo made me laugh: “Spacious Dining Area”.

Spacious Dining Area

I hope the spacious dining area wasn’t too offended at my laugh – but it’s a photo of a window, and shows no spaciousness whatsoever!

This next one was used as the main listing photo:
Main Listing Photo

It looks like a picture of a doorway, doesn’t it? Could this really be the front of the property?

I’m sure that these Realtors are excellent at their job. However, they aren’t photographers. I certainly wouldn’t want to buy or sell a property without a Realtor – why should a Realtor market their photos without hiring a professional?

We have a very competitive Introductory Special that should encourage all Realtors to try our services… unless they are afraid of getting a taste of something they’ll want to eat a lot of. Was it Pringles that advertised “you can’t eat just one”? I definitely stayed away from Pringles after that, knowing that they were probably right.

However… getting to my point. We’ve got the best Real Estate Photography and Video in Vancouver. Try it out.