Watch Our Video Tours On Your iPhone or iTouch Using iTunes and YouTube

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Video Openhouse Tour on iTouch

For those of you still holding your breath waiting for the iPhone to immigrate, the rumours are always plentiful as to when or even if we can finally enjoy what our friends to the south take for granted. So far only Rogers has the necessary GSM network in place for the data, and they have yet to announce any official launch. Despite this, it hasn’t slowed the enthusiasm – or ingenuity – of true Canadian Apple fans. “Unlocked” iPhones – phones that are not tied to the mandatory AT&T network – can still be had for a premium price here through individual, erm, “dealers” but with no guarantee that the next upgrade won’t turn it into a useless puck.

For those of you who still covet the functionality of the iPhone but can live with the limitations of your current phone – take heart (and save money). The iPod Touch features much of the same drool-inducing technology minus some functionality like (of course) phone and email. With this technology comes the ability to view a few of our video tours. As long as you are within reach of a wireless network (and within Vancouver, an open network is never too far), you can use the stand-alone YouTube program for not only watching videos of talking cats but also showing off some of your favorite Video Openhouse clips to clients, other realtors, or anyone else. So if you are one of the early adopters and have your iPod Touch handy, open up YouTube and search for “Video Openhouse”. Or ask us about having some of your previous tours re-encoded which you can then drop directly into iTunes to watch directly through the Video utility on the iPod Touch.