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Vancouver Condo Under Construction

As I drive around Vancouver each day and see the dozens of cranes that populate the skyline, it’s hard to believe that there is actually space available to build more condos in Vancouver.  I recently saw an article in the Vancouver Sun (Friday, October 26th, 2007) that was concerning the rezoning applications of several major proposed condo developments throughout the city and how they were being impacted by the civic strike.  Looking to invest in Vancouver and flip a pre-built condo?  Keep your eyes on these addresses:

711  West Broadway: 17-storey tower

1300 Granville Street:  mixed-use 22-storey residential tower

29 East 2nd Avenue:  mixed-use 12-storey and 18-storey tower

368 West 1st Avenue:  mixed-use 5-storey tower

2 – 88 West 1st Avenue:  404 units, 4 to 15 storeys

728 Pacific Boulevard:  6 towers and commercial space

1409 West Pender:  34-storey and 15-storey towers with 3-storey podium

236 West 1st Avenue:  12-storey tower and 4-storey podium

745 Thurlow Street:  mixed-use 23-storey commercial tower

1304 Howe Street:  mixed-use tower

999 Seymour Street:  21-storey residential/commercial tower

2330 Kingsway:  mixed-use development

10 Terry Fox Way:  4 towers, 755 units

102 – 160 West 1st Avenue:  4 towers, 11 to 15 storeys

201 West 2nd Avenue:  mixed-use

1695 Main Street:  13-storey, mixed-use tower

311 West 2nd Avenue:  10-storey tower with 5-storey podiium