Photography and Filming – Home Preparation Tips for Your Shoot

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Curb Appeal: It can attract or deter buyers at first sight; a polished look goes a long way.  Here are some tips to prepare you, or your clients home for video and photography.

  1. Exterior: Sweep the sidewalks and decks. Remove trash cans, recycling bins, toys, garden tools and hoses. Ensure seasonal decorations and lawn ornaments are put away. Grass, hedges and flowerbeds should be manicured. Remove vehicles from driveways. Take pool covers off.
  2. Interior: Maximize light, by replacing burnt out or missing light bulbs. Make your windows and mirrors sparkle. Open all the blinds and curtains. Turn all lights and lamps on, even in the day light. Turn ceiling fans and televisions off.
  3. Kitchen: Clear counters of dishes, dish racks, cleaning products and small appliances. Remove all magnets, messages, pictures, etc. from fridges. Shine stainless steel appliances, sinks and faucets. Conceal dish towels and all throw rugs. Relocate trash cans out of sight.
  4. Bathrooms: Clear personal hygiene items, medications, and cosmetic products from countertops, bath tubs and shower stalls. Close toilet lids. Shine mirrors, faucets and countertops. Tuck trash cans, toilet brushes and plungers out of view. Open shower curtains. Remove bathmats, rugs and toilet seat covers. Display clean towels.
  5. Bedrooms: Make all beds and tidy bedside tables. Hang or fold clothes and put away. Relocate laundry baskets and hampers to closets.


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