2009 Predictions

News, Technology

How is the technology industry’s growth affected by the economy? Would many new products be released? Are companies holding back on launches waiting for consumer to feel confident? Deloitte is calling this the year of social networking, netbooks, smartphones and poor 3G connections. This sounds like more of the same from 2008.

Here are a few things we thought might happen:

1.    More Intellectual Property will be for sale on eBay.
2.    Release of Windows 7.
3.    DVD streaming expands.
4.    Blu-ray will be slow to catch on.
5.    New set-top boxes will be released.
6.    The economic downturn will boost bargain-hunting.
7.    Netbooks popularity will increase.
8.    The Fortune 500’s will catch on to Facebook.
9.    Mobile ads will start.
10.  Wireless devices will outsell mobile phones.
11.  Apple’s mobile share will continue to grow as others drop about.

What do you think? Are we out of touch? What are your ideas?

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