Social Networking for Business?

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Are social networking site worth advertising on? The premise of social networking is to unite individuals and expand their associations. Many people see it as a personal marketing opportunity. Large well branded companies have been effectively using this medium for years. Should businesses of all sizes use this forum to connect to their customer contacts?

Connecting consumers with other consumers means they can:

  • See who their contacts trust.
  • Endorse companies they like.
  • Easily discuss topics.
  • Quickly share information.

Social marketing creates a forum for mixed medium marketing combining audio, video, and text. Statistics show that businesses embracing social marketing effectively are reaping the rewards through sales, leads, or increased awareness.

Social marketing helps businesses:

  • Build customer relationships.
  • Acquire vital customer information.
  • Perform market research and customer qualification.
  • Direct and retain traffic in a cost effective, manageable way.
  • Create a community around customers.
  • Targeting specific groups.


  • Are actively engaged.
  • Have a channel to voice opinions.
  • Join with a related community.
  • Tap into the collective wisdom.
  • Listen to their network.

Interacting with the social collective on Social Networking sites is very beneficial for businesses looking to increase and maintain their client base. Consider your audience and objectives when you evaluate if this is the right channel for your business’ branding.  So many consumers are out there searching for information. Are they finding yours?

Is Social Networking a useful tool for your business? Has your network expanded since marketing on Social Networking sites? What is working for your business?