2 Big Reasons Why Better Real Estate Photography can Improve Sales

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 #1: First Impression’s Last

Ever heard that semi-redundant saying ‘You have one chance to make a first impression’? We all know you can only encounter something for the first time, once.  So I wonder why is it that, cruising through MLS, it seems like some aren’t taking the ‘first impression’ very seriously?  Here’s a few examples :


Photos from badmlsphotos.com

 If everyone believed in the value of a first impression, it’s a bit shocking that the quality of an MLS photo can be so… unmotivated.  So, I guess the real question is- do first impressions actually last?  A number of studies have agreed that not only do they count, but it is very difficult to change them on a subconscious level after they have been made!  A house might be stunning in person, but if it’s tainted by that bad, visual first impression on MLS it could unconsciously be the undoing factor between one home or another.  People’s initial perceptions can become their reality: better photography can make it a positive one.

Read an example article here.


#2 Photo’s affect Decision Making…even more than Words!

There are certain ‘wonder words’ you see repeated all over house listings: ‘spacious’, ‘exclusive’, ‘beautiful’, ‘unique’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘private’, ‘custom’ etc. etc. It’s clear that there is a lot of effort going into the perfect language to describe a property. But when it comes down to it, it’s been proven that an image has more of an influence on decisions than words! It’s agreed by behavioral psychologists that people make most of their decisions based on emotion and intuitive processing.  Likewise, it’s been proven that images have a more profound effect on this emotional, intuitive arena of our thinking.   So basically, we can use all the descriptive jargon we want, but when it comes down to it, the photo is what resonates at a deeper level and sways decisions.

Quick Facts:

1-Images effect our emotions. They also increase comprehension, recollection and retention.

2-People make decisions based on emotion and intuitive thinking- which is triggered by images.

3-Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

4- I found my information in an interesting article about images and people:  you can read it here 


 An inviting photo of a room – invites people to want to live there