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What an interesting 2 weeks it has been. Recently, we were contacted by Leon Ng, President of the Real Estate Channel. He wanted to discuss how our 2 companies could work together to increase the use of video as a marketing tool within the real estate industry.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Real Estate Channel, they will be broadcasting on channel 80 on the Novus Network ( and just launched their website, on November 28th. Novus Entertainment, the parent company of the network has an affiliation with Concord Pacific and has built a fibre optic cable network throughout the Greater Vancouver area and offers high-speed Internet and television services. They service the majority of major condominium buildings in the downtown core.

The Real Estate Channel is offering property listings, community profiles and industry advice to its viewership. Real estate agents will again be challenged to evaluate the effectiveness of traditional mediums such as newspaper listings in comparison to the new mediums that have become available over the last few years.

The Real Estate Channels launch is an opportunity for all real estate professionals to promote themselves through the use of a medium that has not been previously available in the Vancouver area. The most proactive agents, the early adopters, will receive the greatest benefit when it comes to advertising on the network. Why is this? The Real Estate Channel currently promises that your ad will be played a minimum, 12 times per day. The reality of starting a new network, especially one that is based on selling TV time, amounts to tremendous opportunities for the first agents that advertise their listings. The amount of content in rotation maybe be less than the 2 hours that constitutes their 12 cycles. Bottom line, your ad gets played more than the 12 times that is promised!

Our discussions with Leon have resulted in great opportunities for Video Openhouse and our clients. We provided the network with 30 second versions of our current videos and in return, our clients have receive free television airtime for 1 month to promote themselves and their listings. We will continue to act as an extended production team for the Real Estate Channel, providing video content for their property listings. As an extension of the services we currently provide, we will also be offering to prepare content for the Real Estate Channel for our current clients as well.

Please take time to visit their website and if you have access to the Novus Network, watch for their television launch sometime next week.