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An Epic Combo: Night Photography and Real Estate

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Shooting a house at night can result in some pretty alluring photos and video tours. In a night shoot the crisp blue sky coming through the windows can provide a number of beneficial effects. This blue colour contrasts a light, interior space, making it glisten and stand out. It also provides for more even lighting in the space, at the same time the whole effect gives off that ‘cool outside, warm inside’ sensation of a comforting home. Also if you look at a nighttime exterior, it takes on an enticing glow, which makes for an immediately eye-catching thumbnail and photograph!

Check out some of these examples we’ve shot and tell us what you think! Do you personally like the ‘night-shot’ look?




Same Shot Day & Night

Click on the image below for a full sample gallery

Check out an Architecture Tour of a Famous Property! Part Three

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Interested in Architecture?  We’ve actually had the pleasure of shooting houses designed by one of the forerunners of West Coast Modernism: the famous Arthur Erickson.  This house has had some modern renovations by Robert Ledingham and the result is a fusion between Erickson’s original design and today’s modern aesthetic. It’s gorgeous, check it out!

Click on the large image below to view our full gallery

Arthur Erickson’s Design in Point Grey

Other Architecture to Check Out around BC? Give us some ideas!

To get you started, here are some ideas of interesting public architecture sites around Vancouver:


Laneway Living: Stylish Mini Homes

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Since Vancouver’s EcoDensity Laneway House initiative was launched in 2009, laneway houses have been gaining more and more popularity.  There are a ton of proposed benefits to these mini-homes (financially, environmentally, economically) but how often are they credited for their beauty and design?

A certain laneway house production company caught my attention:  Lanefab Design. From what I’ve seen on their website they build pretty amazing mini-homes.  They also innovate.  They are the creators of a sustainable, solar powered, rain-water harnessing home called the Net Zero House.  And it doesn’t look like a giant greenhouse: this little home is stunning.  Check out their website by clicking the link above.

We’ve also had the chance to shoot some eye-catching laneway houses:









Check out an Architecture Tour of a Famous Property! Part Two

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Interested in Architecture? We’ve actually had the pleasure of shooting houses designed by one of the forerunners of West Coast Modernism: the famous Arthur Erickson.  His house featured today has also been used in the Twilight movies (don’t pretend you haven’t heard of them!) as the home of the main character, Edward Cullen.

Click on the large image below to view the full gallery

House from the Movie ‘Twilight’- Stevens Drive, West Vancouver


As you’ll notice, this house is built with the nature around the property in mind.  Wall-length windows, sky-lights and open space are characteristics of West Coast Modernist architecture. The new film Coast Modern explains the idea behind style is to expand into the environment.  I highly suggest watching the preview to feast your eyes on some stunning home environments shot along the north west coast!





Sustainable Environment in Your Home Environment

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It seems like a lot of people like to ‘talk the talk’ when it comes to their view on the environment. Who doesn’t love breathable air and a nice tree, right? Having Eco-appreciation in BC is easy: west coast nature is a major reason why people flock to live here. The real question is what are we actually doing to help sustain our environment? We complain to our governments that it’s not on the agenda, but is it actually on ours personally?

Turns out, it can be pretty easy to prove your environmentally friendly nature in your home. Bonuses? Your home itself can become longer lasting, more energy-efficient and can SAVE you money.

Ive done a bit of research and found some links that offer ideas on how to make your house more sustainable. Check them out for some inspiration, and feel free to add your own!

  • To Inspire: Dan Phillips Creative Houses from Re-claimed Stuff

    Worth a watch! Dan Phillips Constructs homes from Recycled materials and claims its a viable option for the housing industry. Anything from old license plates, wine corks, beer cans or bones is turned into an unique and livable piece of architecture with personality. We’re not saying your home must be built out of kokanee cans to be sustainable. But, you can do your part easily by checking out some of the links below.

  • Visit City Green

    A non-profit platform that can direct you to resources available in your city to make your home more energy, cost, and Eco-efficient.

  • Visit Live Smart BC

    There are amazing incentive programs that offer rebates, aid or advice for your energy saving. For Example: Small Business Programoffers free energy assessments and tips on cost and energy reduction. It also provides free installation of energy saving equipment.

  • Green Home Seminars

    This fall the Canadian Home Builders Association of BC will be putting on a series of seminars for the public throughout BC discussing energy efficient upgrades and the long lasting effects on your home and the environment. Stay tuned to for updates on times and specific locations.

  • Look into Sustainable Building

    For Example, when finding a building team to build your home, look into their practices and concerns. More and more builder/renovation teams are getting certified under sustainable programs like BuiltGreen. Another route to look into is a sustainable consulting team. BCHomes Magazine recently highlighted E3 Eco Group, a consulting team that works with everyone involved in the construction of a house to implement a design and strategy to have the most sustainable and energy efficient home they can create. There are a number of companies out there that provide similar services. If you’re in a renovation or building process, it might be an idea to do some research!

What do you suggest to do? What do you do to show your love for our environment? In your house, or on a personal everyday basis?

Float Homes in Greater Vancouver

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Tour float homes for sale in Greater Vancouver.


Tour this float home provided by Ricki Willing of Sutton Group – Seafair Realty.


Tour this float home provided by Ricki Willing of Sutton Group – Seafair Realty.


Tour this float home provided by Ricki Willing of Sutton Group – Seafair Realty.

Earth Hour 2009

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Earth Hour is gaining popularity every year. This March 28th from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm the world will unite in an initiative to save energy by shutting the lights. 2007 was the first time the event took place with 2.2 million Australians went without power for one hour. In 2008, over 50 million people in more than 370 cities world wide participated. We are approaching the third year; which is anticipated to be the most successful year yet. The World Wildlife Foundation thinks over 1 billion people in 70 countries are expected to participate this year.

Support is there; showing that people care. Will this be enough to show politicians and corporations that the public wants them to take environmental initiatives seriously? Or is this a minimalistic effort by consumers to ease their guilt over unfriendly practises year round?  Will you participate? If yes, why?