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Recent Properties Sold through Images!

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VOH can help you sell a property without even giving a tour!

Two recent properties sold by our clients- were sold to buyers who made the purchase based on the images–without even seeing the place in person.

Professional quality images mean an advantage in a competitive market–especially one with a hot overseas market!

Click on the photos below to check out the image gallery

5255 Gulf Place – Sold by Malcom Hasman


2629 Prince Edward Street- Sold by Julie Miller


How have images and video helped you?

Shoots for Genesis Kitchens & Designs!

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VOH doesn’t only shoot real estate- we can also provide interior design oriented photography!  Here are some samples of our work for Genesis Kitchens & Designs– a Greater Vancouver Design Company:



About Genesis Kitchens

At Genesis Kitchens we offer a complimentary in home consultation where we combine your needs and lifestyle with the function of the space. By incorporating the style you are looking for or helping you discover it, we are able to walk you through the design stage, product selection and color coordination. We use the latest technology to provide 3D drawings, putting together a complete package including price quotes and product suggestions while working with your budget.

At Genesis it is not just about kitchens, we also cover bathrooms, study areas, book shelves, wine bars and built-ins. If it contains cabinetry and you can dream it, we can help create it.

Tis the Season’…to tour a cozy Whistler ski-home

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Winter Holidays are arriving and things are quieting down a bit before the 2013 real estate hustle begins.  But things are far from quiet around town on the Christmas front- I think it was November 5th that I first heard X-mas music blasting through the faux-snow, twinkle-light decor of Park Royal Shopping arena.  Time is coming to embrace that eggnog, those peppermint mocas, and that cozy ‘cold outside warm inside’ feeling.

To get you started, click on the photo below to check out our video tour of this cozy Whistler ski-home:

4953 Horstman Lane

2 Big Reasons Why Better Real Estate Photography can Improve Sales

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 #1: First Impression’s Last

Ever heard that semi-redundant saying ‘You have one chance to make a first impression’? We all know you can only encounter something for the first time, once.  So I wonder why is it that, cruising through MLS, it seems like some aren’t taking the ‘first impression’ very seriously?  Here’s a few examples :


Photos from

 If everyone believed in the value of a first impression, it’s a bit shocking that the quality of an MLS photo can be so… unmotivated.  So, I guess the real question is- do first impressions actually last?  A number of studies have agreed that not only do they count, but it is very difficult to change them on a subconscious level after they have been made!  A house might be stunning in person, but if it’s tainted by that bad, visual first impression on MLS it could unconsciously be the undoing factor between one home or another.  People’s initial perceptions can become their reality: better photography can make it a positive one.

Read an example article here.


#2 Photo’s affect Decision Making…even more than Words!

There are certain ‘wonder words’ you see repeated all over house listings: ‘spacious’, ‘exclusive’, ‘beautiful’, ‘unique’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘private’, ‘custom’ etc. etc. It’s clear that there is a lot of effort going into the perfect language to describe a property. But when it comes down to it, it’s been proven that an image has more of an influence on decisions than words! It’s agreed by behavioral psychologists that people make most of their decisions based on emotion and intuitive processing.  Likewise, it’s been proven that images have a more profound effect on this emotional, intuitive arena of our thinking.   So basically, we can use all the descriptive jargon we want, but when it comes down to it, the photo is what resonates at a deeper level and sways decisions.

Quick Facts:

1-Images effect our emotions. They also increase comprehension, recollection and retention.

2-People make decisions based on emotion and intuitive thinking- which is triggered by images.

3-Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

4- I found my information in an interesting article about images and people:  you can read it here 


 An inviting photo of a room – invites people to want to live there











An Epic Combo: Night Photography and Real Estate

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Shooting a house at night can result in some pretty alluring photos and video tours. In a night shoot the crisp blue sky coming through the windows can provide a number of beneficial effects. This blue colour contrasts a light, interior space, making it glisten and stand out. It also provides for more even lighting in the space, at the same time the whole effect gives off that ‘cool outside, warm inside’ sensation of a comforting home. Also if you look at a nighttime exterior, it takes on an enticing glow, which makes for an immediately eye-catching thumbnail and photograph!

Check out some of these examples we’ve shot and tell us what you think! Do you personally like the ‘night-shot’ look?




Same Shot Day & Night

Click on the image below for a full sample gallery

Check out an Architecture Tour of a Famous Property! Part Two

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Interested in Architecture? We’ve actually had the pleasure of shooting houses designed by one of the forerunners of West Coast Modernism: the famous Arthur Erickson.  His house featured today has also been used in the Twilight movies (don’t pretend you haven’t heard of them!) as the home of the main character, Edward Cullen.

Click on the large image below to view the full gallery

House from the Movie ‘Twilight’- Stevens Drive, West Vancouver


As you’ll notice, this house is built with the nature around the property in mind.  Wall-length windows, sky-lights and open space are characteristics of West Coast Modernist architecture. The new film Coast Modern explains the idea behind style is to expand into the environment.  I highly suggest watching the preview to feast your eyes on some stunning home environments shot along the north west coast!





Check Out an Architecture Tour of a Famous Property! Part One

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Interested in Architecture?  We’ve actually had the pleasure of shooting houses designed by one of the forerunners of West Coast Modernism: the famous Arthur Erickson.  For the next while, we will be posting some gorgeous properties by this architect that have been featured in magazines, movies (and most likely a few coffee-table books) Stay tuned!                                                 

Click on the large image below to view our full gallery

The Eppich House- Palmerston Ave, West Vancouver

Thoughts on Architecture in BC?

If you haven’t already heard, there’s a pretty exciting new architecture project going through the approval process in Vancouver since early 2012. A dramatic twisting skyscraper pending to be built on Beach and Howe aims to give the Vancouver skyline something interesting to look at besides the mountains. See it here. Haven’t heard too much from the media about it since May, but it does bring to mind the question of BC’s architectural flare. Cities in BC have been criticized for their lack of architecture vibrancy, what do you think?  Are we missing unique, monumental public structures that can help define us? Is BC’s vibrant architecture found more in the residential neighbourhoods? Tell us your opinion!