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Vancouver Is On The List(s)

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The City of Vancouver made a couple of lists recently. The list that we are most familiar with is the Worldwide Quality of Living Survey. Vancouver consistently places in the top 3 with a third place finish again as determined by Mercer Consulting in their survey published in April 2007. Each city’s score is determined by “quality-of-life” criteria. Education, the environment, personal safety, the political and social environment, access to health care and public transportation are all factors considered in the evaluation. Not surprisingly, Baghdad ranks lowest on the list.

The list that we may not be so familiar with is the World’s Most Overpriced Real Estate, published by Forbes Magazine. The list is compiled using a modified version of the price to earnings ratio. Where did Vancouver rank? Our fair city finished in sixth spot behind Monaco, Rome, Paris Madrid and Los Angeles. I guess there is a price to pay to live in one of the best cities in the world.

Complaint…? “It looked too good”

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A newer client recently commented on our photos that one of the couples visiting the property he listed told him that the photos were nicer than the property.

I think the Realtor passed this comment on as a semi-complaint but the reaction around our office was, “It got them in the door, that’s great!”

Time and time again we hear success stories of properties that have sold because people seeing the video have seen beyond the “book cover” and come to see a property they might have otherwise passed over. Though the couple probably didn’t buy the property they visited, it’s another great example of video and great photography increasing the exposure and interest in a property.

Are we starting to sound like photo and video snobs? Uh oh. We are just really proud of the work that we do and the positive feedback that we receive.

“I’ll have what she’s having”

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The first voice mail message of the day yesterday came from Jean Gibson of Macdonald Realty. She had received a piece of Email Marketing from one of our newest clients, Ursula Simpson, of Sutton Group Westcoast Realty.

From that marketing piece, she had seen the photos and video for the property that Ursula was hosting an Agent’s Open House at yesterday. She called Ursula, saying “the photos and video you’ve done for this property are just amazing! Where did you get them, I want that too!”

Jean promptly booked us to shoot a tour the next morning. She told our photographer, “each photo was like a mini work of art”.
I followed up with Ursula yesterday after her open house. She reported that it was a very well attended Open and that she had had several compliments on how well the property was shown in her marketing materials.

That’s great news for us! We had provided branded floorplans, printed colour feature sheets, not to mention those photos and that video that were so well received!

Will you have what she’s having? Call us!

Branding Your Video… Ian Watt did

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Ian Watt, of Century 21 In Town Realty, recently visited our office regarding a special video we are producing for him (stay tuned, it’s not finished just yet).

While there, we started talking about his listing presentation and how his use of Professional Photography and Virtual Tours has gained him many listings. Always wanting to give Realtors more tools for their presentations, we suggested that he get branded video cases to show a tangible product during his presentation, not just relying on his clients seeing the product on their computers.

Now, not only does he get a souvenir DVD with the DVD and case branded just like the rest of the marketing that Ian does, but his videos look just like his website!


ian video branded



Which would you choose? It’s a one-time fee and you get branded video, DVD and case… let us know if you want yours!

Don’t have branding? Ask about our Graphics Design services… available for all ranges of need and budget.

Community Video Sells the Home

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Geordie Moski, of Prudential Sterling Realty, recently sold a home in the Knight area of East Vancouver to a couple who fell in love with the neighbourhood, based on our video.

This home, in need of much TLC, is one of the few places where our clients asked us not to bother taking photos or video inside the home. Instead, we were asked to show off parks, schools and amenities in the area. It did the trick! The happy homebuyers were reported to have made their appointment to see this otherwise relatively undesirable property based on the video montage of the area.

We love these success stories! Send us yours!

Please, let us take your photos

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It happens more often than I’d like – I come across a photo of a property, taken by a Realtor, that just… well… could be soooo much better.

If I had more time, maybe I’d start a collection of photos that shouldn’t have been used.

Here are my two examples of the day. The heading of the first photo made me laugh: “Spacious Dining Area”.

Spacious Dining Area

I hope the spacious dining area wasn’t too offended at my laugh – but it’s a photo of a window, and shows no spaciousness whatsoever!

This next one was used as the main listing photo:
Main Listing Photo

It looks like a picture of a doorway, doesn’t it? Could this really be the front of the property?

I’m sure that these Realtors are excellent at their job. However, they aren’t photographers. I certainly wouldn’t want to buy or sell a property without a Realtor – why should a Realtor market their photos without hiring a professional?

We have a very competitive Introductory Special that should encourage all Realtors to try our services… unless they are afraid of getting a taste of something they’ll want to eat a lot of. Was it Pringles that advertised “you can’t eat just one”? I definitely stayed away from Pringles after that, knowing that they were probably right.

However… getting to my point. We’ve got the best Real Estate Photography and Video in Vancouver. Try it out.

Real Estate – breaking language barriers, it’s an international market! vTranslate that into sales!

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We have been quite busy here at Video Openhouse, not too busy to launch the occasional new service. We have spoken before about how our videos have been seen around the world. Well, now we have a new service to help capture some of that larger global audience. vTranslate allows us to display property information in various languages.

Have a property in an area dominated by specific ethnic groups? Have a buyer who’s English is poor? or who has family back home they want to get approval from? How about trying to sign your next client by cross promoting in Korean? Chinese? Farsi? Impress your buyers and sellers now, their friends and family will find you later.

On a video we recently produced for Kasha Riddle at 1061 Blue Grouse Way. We tested our new vTranslate service. vTranslate allows us to use show a translated version of the property description in almost any language you choose. All of our translations are created by people, not error prone computer software. If you would prefer to write your own translation we will gladly enter it into the system for you.

Translate you words into sales!

Example showing the ability to change languages in Video Openhouse Property Tours