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Shoots for Genesis Kitchens & Designs!

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VOH doesn’t only shoot real estate- we can also provide interior design oriented photography!  Here are some samples of our work for Genesis Kitchens & Designs– a Greater Vancouver Design Company:



About Genesis Kitchens

At Genesis Kitchens we offer a complimentary in home consultation where we combine your needs and lifestyle with the function of the space. By incorporating the style you are looking for or helping you discover it, we are able to walk you through the design stage, product selection and color coordination. We use the latest technology to provide 3D drawings, putting together a complete package including price quotes and product suggestions while working with your budget.

At Genesis it is not just about kitchens, we also cover bathrooms, study areas, book shelves, wine bars and built-ins. If it contains cabinetry and you can dream it, we can help create it.

An Epic Combo: Night Photography and Real Estate

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Shooting a house at night can result in some pretty alluring photos and video tours. In a night shoot the crisp blue sky coming through the windows can provide a number of beneficial effects. This blue colour contrasts a light, interior space, making it glisten and stand out. It also provides for more even lighting in the space, at the same time the whole effect gives off that ‘cool outside, warm inside’ sensation of a comforting home. Also if you look at a nighttime exterior, it takes on an enticing glow, which makes for an immediately eye-catching thumbnail and photograph!

Check out some of these examples we’ve shot and tell us what you think! Do you personally like the ‘night-shot’ look?




Same Shot Day & Night

Click on the image below for a full sample gallery

2009 New Services Launch!

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We are pleased to announce the launch of several New Services to increase the effectiveness of your print and Internet marketing. The New Services are proven to increase your marketing impact, while driving traffic to your content. In the current market, listings require more viewership to generate interest. We want to help you reach to more buyers, both locally and internationally!

We are still delivering the same professional quality video and photo tours. For your convenience, we now offer a complete marketing package, all from one source.

To help you improve the return on your advertising investment we can make your listing accessible in multiple convenient locations and if requested, your video’s can be format to  download on itunes!

Take a look at the complete Product List.
Also note:

The New Client Introductory Package for Realtors is extended into 2009!

Do you check your download stats?

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We all want to maximize our marketing effectiveness. We have found it helps to understand the full results of your efforts by analyzing your download stats. Making decisions based on accurate information collected monthly has allowed us to react to trends quickly and get the most out of our budget. We regularly check our video and photo download stats, which are traceable on some sites. They provide valuable information. We then prepare monthly reports with the information to strategize for the next month.

Attracting multiple buyers is central in this real estate market. There are many types of web campaigns you can launch. Many people find it best to advertise a large variety of social networking, video and classified websites. A real estate transaction only really needs one buyer. It can be hard to tell where the candidate will come from or even where they do eventually come from.

Agents who send their listings over a variety of distribution channels are staying ahead of the crowd. This is a key time to make sure your listing get an extra edge. Initial spending during the listing process can reduce listing time while attracting multiple interested buyers.

So many buyers come via the internet, because of how well your listings show virtually. They come without being prompted by personal interaction, based on decisions made quickly. The houses that have been selling have been selling fast according to Dave Watt, Real Estate Board President. The efficiency of using professional quality video and photos and posting them across the largest network possible is well documented, although some types of properties are better served by target specific campaigns.

How are you making decisions regarding marketing your listings? Are you using your stats to guide you or are you taking direction from previous successes? Have you been extending your reach effectively? What has been working for you?