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Video Tours and Professional Real Estate Photography Sell Realtors’ Homes

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The best endorsement of our Video Openhouse Tours and professional real estate photography services is when a Realtor uses our company to sell their homes. Does our video tour and photographs generate interest in listings? Please ask Ryan Thomson, RE/Max Westcoast (, Dave Dalby, RE/Max Crest (Westside) (, Winnie Lam, Sutton Group – Winnie Lam and Associates Realty ( and Neil Thompson, RE/Max Crest (Westside) ( They all recently used our services to market their own homes.

Ryan Thomson: 118 – 6033 Katsura Street videopics

Dave Dalby: 2206 Cypress Street videopics

Winnie Lam: 803 – 1169 West Cordova videopics

Neil Thompson: 501 – 1220 Barclay Street videopics

Complaint…? “It looked too good”

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A newer client recently commented on our photos that one of the couples visiting the property he listed told him that the photos were nicer than the property.

I think the Realtor passed this comment on as a semi-complaint but the reaction around our office was, “It got them in the door, that’s great!”

Time and time again we hear success stories of properties that have sold because people seeing the video have seen beyond the “book cover” and come to see a property they might have otherwise passed over. Though the couple probably didn’t buy the property they visited, it’s another great example of video and great photography increasing the exposure and interest in a property.

Are we starting to sound like photo and video snobs? Uh oh. We are just really proud of the work that we do and the positive feedback that we receive.

“I’ll have what she’s having”

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The first voice mail message of the day yesterday came from Jean Gibson of Macdonald Realty. She had received a piece of Email Marketing from one of our newest clients, Ursula Simpson, of Sutton Group Westcoast Realty.

From that marketing piece, she had seen the photos and video for the property that Ursula was hosting an Agent’s Open House at yesterday. She called Ursula, saying “the photos and video you’ve done for this property are just amazing! Where did you get them, I want that too!”

Jean promptly booked us to shoot a tour the next morning. She told our photographer, “each photo was like a mini work of art”.
I followed up with Ursula yesterday after her open house. She reported that it was a very well attended Open and that she had had several compliments on how well the property was shown in her marketing materials.

That’s great news for us! We had provided branded floorplans, printed colour feature sheets, not to mention those photos and that video that were so well received!

Will you have what she’s having? Call us!

Community Video Sells the Home

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Geordie Moski, of Prudential Sterling Realty, recently sold a home in the Knight area of East Vancouver to a couple who fell in love with the neighbourhood, based on our video.

This home, in need of much TLC, is one of the few places where our clients asked us not to bother taking photos or video inside the home. Instead, we were asked to show off parks, schools and amenities in the area. It did the trick! The happy homebuyers were reported to have made their appointment to see this otherwise relatively undesirable property based on the video montage of the area.

We love these success stories! Send us yours!

Seller-driven new business

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I’ve often heard from Realtors that “__% of my business is repeat and referral clients”. I’ve always felt that a referral from a happy client is one of the best compliements you can receive – so if a Realtor’s business is based almost entirely on those contacts, then he/she must be doing something right.

Similarly, I’ve realised that about 2/3 our new clients arrive because of referrals from other Realtors who have been happy with our service and products… and the other 1/3 is actually driven by Realtors whose sellers have specifically requested that they use our services!

I can’t think of any more of a ringing endorsement than to have Joe Public see our Photos and Video, and think, “this is the tool I want to use to sell my property”!

This morning, we received the following email from new client, Paula Baverstock, of Prudential United Realty. Her client, selling his condo, contacted us for more information about a week before he listed the property. He insisted that Paula use our services to market his condo. Her email was brief, but high-impact: “The photos and video are great – we have got a heck of a lot of good feedback.”

More success stories to come… Want to see your name in print? Send us your feedback on a tour that we’ve done for you or an experience you’ve had!

Kudos from Beebe Cline

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We recently did a first video for a new client, Beebe Cline (Hugh & McKinnon). Her unsolicited reaction was, “Way better product than I’ve used before and a much more professional look. I will only use you from now on!”

Music to our ears. Stay tuned for other client feedback

Real Estate Photography, The NY Times & Open House’s

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We found an article in The NY Times titled “Making Every Pixel Count” about how photography may be your best chance at getting people to come view a property. This reinforces what we have been saying about listing pictures,

In the first paragraph they get straight to the point

“Less-than-flattering pictures can turn buyers off and lead to lonely open houses”


Good photos will grab people’s attention and help you sell a home.

Our photos stand out. People who know us tell us that they can spot our pictures immediately, that they stand out from the rest.