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Recent Properties Sold through Images!

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VOH can help you sell a property without even giving a tour!

Two recent properties sold by our clients- were sold to buyers who made the purchase based on the images–without even seeing the place in person.

Professional quality images mean an advantage in a competitive market–especially one with a hot overseas market!

Click on the photos below to check out the image gallery

5255 Gulf Place – Sold by Malcom Hasman


2629 Prince Edward Street- Sold by Julie Miller


How have images and video helped you?

Can the Psychology behind Colour help you Sell a Home?

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When it comes to staging, painting and selling a home–do you consider colour psychology?  According to a few articles I’ve read, colour can evoke specific feelings in a space.  At VOH we’ve shot houses displaying every kind of colour –and I’ve wondered, what kind of impact do colours have on potential buyers?  According to these sites, your use of colour can really work for you to bring the right kind of energy in a space, direct people’s eyes to selling features, and channel the appropriate mood to suit the use of the room.  Even the colours people decide to use when designing a website, or for general marketing can also carry specific messages with them!  Check out the links below to learn more about what specific colours are saying, and how to use them to your advantage!

Using the Psychology behind Colour in Staging Homes

REALTORMag Blog suggests certain colours to use in specific rooms, and why!

Psychology of Colour in Home Painting & Marketing

NowSourcing has created a beautiful display of information and visuals on the topic of colour choice

How Colour Psychology can Help You Sell a Home

TLC’s Real Estate Selling Guide tells you which colours will be best to attract buyers!

The Power of Colour Choice in Marketing

Slide show discussing how Colour Psychology works, and the + & – of different colour choices

What Colours Say

An eHow Article discussing the what colours say about different personality types!

 What do you think? Is colour use a useful strategic tool in your marketing?  Do you think it’s a good idea to use different colours in a home for sale?  Or do you think white and beige are the best bet?   

Let us Know!


2013 Predictions and Resolution Tips from Across the Web!

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First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Early January has arrived (that Mayan calendar didn’t have us worried for a second, right?) and it’s that wonderful time to lay the foundation for those New Years resolutions. I’m sure at least a few of us have decided on one or two changes for the new year–but for those adamantly ‘anti-resolutioners’ we’ll simply call these resolutions ‘future goals’, or even more optimistically- ‘self-predictions’.

So, in the spirit of predictions, I did a little tour of the web and found a few 2013 predictions from experts in  different areas, as well as some useful links/tips to help us keep our new years goals this time around!

2013 Predictions


Resolution Tips




Do you have any resolutions or predictions for the new year?  In culture, technology, marketing, or real estate?  Share with us!

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2 Big Reasons Why Better Real Estate Photography can Improve Sales

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 #1: First Impression’s Last

Ever heard that semi-redundant saying ‘You have one chance to make a first impression’? We all know you can only encounter something for the first time, once.  So I wonder why is it that, cruising through MLS, it seems like some aren’t taking the ‘first impression’ very seriously?  Here’s a few examples :


Photos from

 If everyone believed in the value of a first impression, it’s a bit shocking that the quality of an MLS photo can be so… unmotivated.  So, I guess the real question is- do first impressions actually last?  A number of studies have agreed that not only do they count, but it is very difficult to change them on a subconscious level after they have been made!  A house might be stunning in person, but if it’s tainted by that bad, visual first impression on MLS it could unconsciously be the undoing factor between one home or another.  People’s initial perceptions can become their reality: better photography can make it a positive one.

Read an example article here.


#2 Photo’s affect Decision Making…even more than Words!

There are certain ‘wonder words’ you see repeated all over house listings: ‘spacious’, ‘exclusive’, ‘beautiful’, ‘unique’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘private’, ‘custom’ etc. etc. It’s clear that there is a lot of effort going into the perfect language to describe a property. But when it comes down to it, it’s been proven that an image has more of an influence on decisions than words! It’s agreed by behavioral psychologists that people make most of their decisions based on emotion and intuitive processing.  Likewise, it’s been proven that images have a more profound effect on this emotional, intuitive arena of our thinking.   So basically, we can use all the descriptive jargon we want, but when it comes down to it, the photo is what resonates at a deeper level and sways decisions.

Quick Facts:

1-Images effect our emotions. They also increase comprehension, recollection and retention.

2-People make decisions based on emotion and intuitive thinking- which is triggered by images.

3-Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

4- I found my information in an interesting article about images and people:  you can read it here 


 An inviting photo of a room – invites people to want to live there











An Epic Combo: Night Photography and Real Estate

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Shooting a house at night can result in some pretty alluring photos and video tours. In a night shoot the crisp blue sky coming through the windows can provide a number of beneficial effects. This blue colour contrasts a light, interior space, making it glisten and stand out. It also provides for more even lighting in the space, at the same time the whole effect gives off that ‘cool outside, warm inside’ sensation of a comforting home. Also if you look at a nighttime exterior, it takes on an enticing glow, which makes for an immediately eye-catching thumbnail and photograph!

Check out some of these examples we’ve shot and tell us what you think! Do you personally like the ‘night-shot’ look?




Same Shot Day & Night

Click on the image below for a full sample gallery

2009 New Services Launch!

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We are pleased to announce the launch of several New Services to increase the effectiveness of your print and Internet marketing. The New Services are proven to increase your marketing impact, while driving traffic to your content. In the current market, listings require more viewership to generate interest. We want to help you reach to more buyers, both locally and internationally!

We are still delivering the same professional quality video and photo tours. For your convenience, we now offer a complete marketing package, all from one source.

To help you improve the return on your advertising investment we can make your listing accessible in multiple convenient locations and if requested, your video’s can be format to  download on itunes!

Take a look at the complete Product List.
Also note:

The New Client Introductory Package for Realtors is extended into 2009!

Social Networking for Business?

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Are social networking site worth advertising on? The premise of social networking is to unite individuals and expand their associations. Many people see it as a personal marketing opportunity. Large well branded companies have been effectively using this medium for years. Should businesses of all sizes use this forum to connect to their customer contacts?

Connecting consumers with other consumers means they can:

  • See who their contacts trust.
  • Endorse companies they like.
  • Easily discuss topics.
  • Quickly share information.

Social marketing creates a forum for mixed medium marketing combining audio, video, and text. Statistics show that businesses embracing social marketing effectively are reaping the rewards through sales, leads, or increased awareness.

Social marketing helps businesses:

  • Build customer relationships.
  • Acquire vital customer information.
  • Perform market research and customer qualification.
  • Direct and retain traffic in a cost effective, manageable way.
  • Create a community around customers.
  • Targeting specific groups.


  • Are actively engaged.
  • Have a channel to voice opinions.
  • Join with a related community.
  • Tap into the collective wisdom.
  • Listen to their network.

Interacting with the social collective on Social Networking sites is very beneficial for businesses looking to increase and maintain their client base. Consider your audience and objectives when you evaluate if this is the right channel for your business’ branding.  So many consumers are out there searching for information. Are they finding yours?

Is Social Networking a useful tool for your business? Has your network expanded since marketing on Social Networking sites? What is working for your business?