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Check Out an Architecture Tour of a Famous Property! Part One

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Interested in Architecture?  We’ve actually had the pleasure of shooting houses designed by one of the forerunners of West Coast Modernism: the famous Arthur Erickson.  For the next while, we will be posting some gorgeous properties by this architect that have been featured in magazines, movies (and most likely a few coffee-table books) Stay tuned!                                                 

Click on the large image below to view our full gallery

The Eppich House- Palmerston Ave, West Vancouver

Thoughts on Architecture in BC?

If you haven’t already heard, there’s a pretty exciting new architecture project going through the approval process in Vancouver since early 2012. A dramatic twisting skyscraper pending to be built on Beach and Howe aims to give the Vancouver skyline something interesting to look at besides the mountains. See it here. Haven’t heard too much from the media about it since May, but it does bring to mind the question of BC’s architectural flare. Cities in BC have been criticized for their lack of architecture vibrancy, what do you think?  Are we missing unique, monumental public structures that can help define us? Is BC’s vibrant architecture found more in the residential neighbourhoods? Tell us your opinion!