Video Real Estate referrers, the honorable mentions


I was looking at our site statistics recently, along with the ususal suspects (Large real estate websites, realtor sites, hotmail etc…) some interesting entries caught my eye in the referrers section.
*For those of you that don’t know, a referrer is the page that someone clicks on to get to your site.

Here are 3 of the Entries that caught my eye

  • A Swedish message board, I found a posting that talked about a home that a couple had purchased in Burnaby, she was posting the video for her friends to see (I can’t speak swedish, but I am told that is the general gist of it).
  • Facebook & Myspace: Once again the viral nature of video means that a home buyer, or seller will send links to the videos to their friends. This is a huge benefit to the agent.
    **the clickthroughs from Facebook were from the Facebook email message system which I don’t send links through, so they were not my friends clicking on my profile

Which is more important? The Swedish message board or Facebook & MySpace? I don’t know, but I like both. Video attracts attention!

If your page is branded to prominently display your name and contact information the video will showcase your marketing ability. You will get some “internet face time” with a group of people you would have never had any other contact with. We also have a the ability to put translations on our website, so that people from other cultures that don’t speak English can easily understand your marketing!

Video is great advertising because of its viral nature people are willing to post links to videos in both mainstream and obscure websites putting your name and face out there.