And The Winner is … Blu-Ray!!!



About a year ago, we wrote a post titled, “Blu-Ray or HD-DVD“.  The article was about the 2 high-definition formats competing for the hearts and minds of consumers.  This past week, events occurred that would seem to signal the death-blow to the HD-DVD format.  Hollywood movie producers, Warners Brothers, decided to back the Blu-Ray DVD and cease to produce high-resolution DVD’s in both formats.  Rumours have the Blu-Ray discs outselling their HD counterpart by a 2:1 ratio.  Many of the industry players have been waiting for clear market momentum.  Warners actions have made backers of the HD-DVD to “rethink” their loyalty.

Unlike the Beta vs. VHS faceoff in the 80’s, the winner was not determined in the marketplace by the consumers.  The ultimate format was decided in the boardrooms of the major studios that were invested in the outcome of this battle.  It may not be long until your Video Openhouse Tour is available in hi-def on a Blu-Ray disc!