Using eBay to Sell Properties


I had an interesting thought the other day.  Does anyone use eBay to sell their properties?  So I checked to see if there were any BC listings.  Currently, there are 3, except 1 is for a time share in Whistler.  So actually, there are only two.  The marketing genius that posted the first listing has advertised it as an anti-earthquake building on Georgia Street with a nice view of town and North Vancouver.  The ad does not show any pictures.  Not a chance this will sell. 

The second property is much more interesting.  It is for a custom built rancher on a half acre, close to the ocean, located somewhere on Vancouver Island.  The property comes with a 26 foot Bayline boat, a truck and 2 ATVs.  There are a hanfdul of really nice pictures.  An realtor would consider this property to be a very marketable listing.

Unlike other auctions, a real estate listing lasts for 90 days.  Anyone familiar with eBay will know that sellers are able to set a minimum price.  If that reserve price is not met, then the seller is not obligated to complete the transaction.  I am curious why someone would choose to use eBay to sell their home.  I will continue to watch this with great interest.  The auction is scheduled to last for another 80 days.