Recent Properties Sold through Images!

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VOH can help you sell a property without even giving a tour!

Two recent properties sold by our clients- were sold to buyers who made the purchase based on the images–without even seeing the place in person.

Professional quality images mean an advantage in a competitive market–especially one with a hot overseas market!

Click on the photos below to check out the image gallery

5255 Gulf Place – Sold by Malcom Hasman


2629 Prince Edward Street- Sold by Julie Miller


How have images and video helped you?

Can the Psychology behind Colour help you Sell a Home?

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When it comes to staging, painting and selling a home–do you consider colour psychology?  According to a few articles I’ve read, colour can evoke specific feelings in a space.  At VOH we’ve shot houses displaying every kind of colour –and I’ve wondered, what kind of impact do colours have on potential buyers?  According to these sites, your use of colour can really work for you to bring the right kind of energy in a space, direct people’s eyes to selling features, and channel the appropriate mood to suit the use of the room.  Even the colours people decide to use when designing a website, or for general marketing can also carry specific messages with them!  Check out the links below to learn more about what specific colours are saying, and how to use them to your advantage!

Using the Psychology behind Colour in Staging Homes

REALTORMag Blog suggests certain colours to use in specific rooms, and why!

Psychology of Colour in Home Painting & Marketing

NowSourcing has created a beautiful display of information and visuals on the topic of colour choice

How Colour Psychology can Help You Sell a Home

TLC’s Real Estate Selling Guide tells you which colours will be best to attract buyers!

The Power of Colour Choice in Marketing

Slide show discussing how Colour Psychology works, and the + & – of different colour choices

What Colours Say

An eHow Article discussing the what colours say about different personality types!

 What do you think? Is colour use a useful strategic tool in your marketing?  Do you think it’s a good idea to use different colours in a home for sale?  Or do you think white and beige are the best bet?   

Let us Know!


2013 Predictions and Resolution Tips from Across the Web!

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First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Early January has arrived (that Mayan calendar didn’t have us worried for a second, right?) and it’s that wonderful time to lay the foundation for those New Years resolutions. I’m sure at least a few of us have decided on one or two changes for the new year–but for those adamantly ‘anti-resolutioners’ we’ll simply call these resolutions ‘future goals’, or even more optimistically- ‘self-predictions’.

So, in the spirit of predictions, I did a little tour of the web and found a few 2013 predictions from experts in  different areas, as well as some useful links/tips to help us keep our new years goals this time around!

2013 Predictions


Resolution Tips




Do you have any resolutions or predictions for the new year?  In culture, technology, marketing, or real estate?  Share with us!

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Happy Holidays!

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From Stella the Boston Terrier: Remember, there are also many other ways to use that holiday energy to make yourself and others smile! Happy Holidays!

Everyone here at Video OpenHouse would like to wish you a happy holiday season!

If you need a break from the consumer side of things remember it is also a season of caring for those less fortunate, here are some links to get you started!

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank 

The Salvation Army

Festival of Trees

United Way Gift Catalogue

Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau

Shoots for Genesis Kitchens & Designs!

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VOH doesn’t only shoot real estate- we can also provide interior design oriented photography!  Here are some samples of our work for Genesis Kitchens & Designs– a Greater Vancouver Design Company:



About Genesis Kitchens

At Genesis Kitchens we offer a complimentary in home consultation where we combine your needs and lifestyle with the function of the space. By incorporating the style you are looking for or helping you discover it, we are able to walk you through the design stage, product selection and color coordination. We use the latest technology to provide 3D drawings, putting together a complete package including price quotes and product suggestions while working with your budget.

At Genesis it is not just about kitchens, we also cover bathrooms, study areas, book shelves, wine bars and built-ins. If it contains cabinetry and you can dream it, we can help create it.

Tis the Season’…to tour a cozy Whistler ski-home

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Winter Holidays are arriving and things are quieting down a bit before the 2013 real estate hustle begins.  But things are far from quiet around town on the Christmas front- I think it was November 5th that I first heard X-mas music blasting through the faux-snow, twinkle-light decor of Park Royal Shopping arena.  Time is coming to embrace that eggnog, those peppermint mocas, and that cozy ‘cold outside warm inside’ feeling.

To get you started, click on the photo below to check out our video tour of this cozy Whistler ski-home:

4953 Horstman Lane

How a Moustache Changed the Face of Charity: The Story of How “Mo-vember” Began

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I was just having a conversation the other day with someone who wondered why the moustache population spikes during the month of November.  Look no farther than this link here: What is Mo-vember?  Essentially, everyday men and celebrities alike put on a brave face and grow their best (or worst) moustache to raise awareness and fund raise for prostate cancer.  Funny? Yes. But that doesn’t discredit it’s legitimacy: the movement funds research across 13 different countries and last year alone raised 77 million dollars for its cause.  I’d always wondered how facial hair could spark such a movement.

One of it’s founders, Adam Garone explains ‘Mo-vember”s  inspirational story with humour and insight:



“My life has become about a Moustache.  Essentially, I’m a Moustache Farmer, and my season is November”    

(No time to watch it? Here’s a brief summary:   Adam talks about how his charity organization differs from others because the cause actually came later.  He, his brother and a friend decided to make a November challenge for themselves: try and bring the moustache back in style and turn it into a hilarious competition in the process.  It was so poorly received by their family, their employers, and their girlfriends that they decided they needed a cause to legitimize it.  That’s when they started researching Men’s Health issues and found that Prostate Cancer is a leading men’s health concern.  Like Breast Cancer for women, except the fundraising structures were no where near as prominent.  They developed a passion for  bringing awareness to this health concern and coined the phrase “Changing the Face of Men’s Health”.  Adam says that the strength of Movember today comes from harnessing “Creativity, Passion, Persistence and Patience”.  He wants his Mo-vember story to inspire people to make a positive change by create something significant in their own life.)