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Can the Psychology behind Colour help you Sell a Home?

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When it comes to staging, painting and selling a home–do you consider colour psychology?  According to a few articles I’ve read, colour can evoke specific feelings in a space.  At VOH we’ve shot houses displaying every kind of colour –and I’ve wondered, what kind of impact do colours have on potential buyers?  According to these sites, your use of colour can really work for you to bring the right kind of energy in a space, direct people’s eyes to selling features, and channel the appropriate mood to suit the use of the room.  Even the colours people decide to use when designing a website, or for general marketing can also carry specific messages with them!  Check out the links below to learn more about what specific colours are saying, and how to use them to your advantage!

Using the Psychology behind Colour in Staging Homes

REALTORMag Blog suggests certain colours to use in specific rooms, and why!

Psychology of Colour in Home Painting & Marketing

NowSourcing has created a beautiful display of information and visuals on the topic of colour choice

How Colour Psychology can Help You Sell a Home

TLC’s Real Estate Selling Guide tells you which colours will be best to attract buyers!

The Power of Colour Choice in Marketing

Slide show discussing how Colour Psychology works, and the + & – of different colour choices

What Colours Say

An eHow Article discussing the what colours say about different personality types!

 What do you think? Is colour use a useful strategic tool in your marketing?  Do you think it’s a good idea to use different colours in a home for sale?  Or do you think white and beige are the best bet?   

Let us Know!